Cutting Down on LMS Course Distractions, Pt. 1


Cutting Down on LMS Course Distractions, Pt. 1

Whether you’re studying LMS coursework or working online, the internet is teeming with time-squandering diversions. But life is much too short. If you’re wasting time on the internet, first try to figure out why. Are you bored? Or on the contrary, is there too much on your plate? Write it all out. Putting a name to the reasons for your misspent time is the first step to finding a solution, and becoming a more successful LMS student or employee.

The next step is to pinpoint which activities and sites are eating up your precious time. Ask yourself, is this activity helping me complete my LMS coursework/work goals/etc.? If not, add it to the time-eater list.

Try to get an idea of how much time each day is being dedicated to a given activity. If you’re spending two hours a day on unproductive online activities, that’s ten hours a work week. Imagine more enjoyable or productive activities to which you could dedicate those extra ten hours.

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