Cyberbullying and Humiliating Learning Content, Pt. 2


Cyberbullying and Humiliating Learning Content, Pt. 2

Cyberbullying and Humiliating Learning Content, Pt. 2The ability to assume anonymity online is ideal for cyberbullies. In the real world, bullies humiliate their victims face to face. Online, cyberbullies can create temporary email accounts and chat and IM pseudonyms. These identity-masking venues help to free cyberbullies from social restraints on behavior.

One problem is that electronic forums and the spaces for posting damaging learning content about a person exist unregulated, and free of supervision. Additionally, most teenagers have been exposed to more technological learning content and know more about computers and cell phones than their parents or guardians.

Some ways that victims can escape cyberbullying are changing email addresses and cell phone numbers, and logging out of chats where cyberbullying is taking place. On the other hand, once defamatory learning content is posted about a victim, there is little the victim can do.

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