Devising Effective Training Courses on our Learning System: Tip #1


Devising Effective Training Courses on our Learning System: Tip #1

The goal of a successful learning system is for the transfer of dynamic instructional content to a learner result in him or her finding the information useful and retaining it longer. To reach this level of efficiency, it is indispensable to consider the learner’s particular needs and psychological standpoint. Not an effortless task.

As stated in the previous post, ADDIE is a smart approach to take in a learning system. This is because it gravitates around comprehending the latest trends in learning and requirements, who the particular trainers and learners are, and the past, present, and future of training modes and requirements of a learning system.

However, this framework is static. A contemporary learning system calls for further versatility as well; the learning management system must be dynamic, allow the learner to apply the new information, and the learned concepts must be useful.

Find additional details and ideas in the Dynamic Construction of Instructional Content article.

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