E-learning Course Checklist for Teachers


E-learning Course Checklist for Teachers

Coggno Inc. | May, 26 2011

If you’re a teacher considering creating an e-learning course, put together a list of helpful resources and guidelines for creating an effective online learning experience. People choose e-learning courses for many reasons, including accessibility and flexibility. The cost effectiveness of online learning is another huge plus for many students. Learning can happen any time, anywhere, whether it’s squeezed in between work and dinner, or even on the treadmill at the gym. Creating quality online courses that motivates students and interacts with them is key to success.

The Teacher’s Role

In the same way that a teacher conducts a traditional in-person classroom, the teacher must also be the leader in an elearning course. Even though you are not accessible face-to-face, many students would expect you to be in contact should any questions arise. Online teachers must find creative ways to encourage student participation, a sense of group unity, and interaction between students and also between the teacher and the students. The accessibility of the teacher can significantly affect the online learning experience and what students get out of an online class.

Student Interaction

Ultimately, teacher participation is only as effective as student participation. For the system to work, the online class must be arranged in such a way that it requires the active involvement of the student as well. Students in an elearning environment must be responsible for reading and completing the assignments, investigating more deeply into the information if required, participating in online forums and posting well-developed and thoughtful answers, and engaging with peers. Posting answers on forums should be an interactive experience, meaning that students should read, reflect on, and respond to the posts of other students. Only in this way do students contribute to the online discussion in a meaningful way, and recreate the peer learning experience that face-to-face classrooms offer.

Student Responsibilities

When putting together your list of helpful resources and guidelines for an e-learning course, one aspect that you’ll need to put thought into is the kinds of assignments you will include, the frequency of assignments, and the features of each of them. Unlike what the common belief of people who have never had an online learning experience, elearning isn’t easy, and can be more engaging, challenging, and rewarding than face-to-face classrooms. Why? Unlike in a traditional classroom where oftentimes students can get away with minimal participation, and other students seem to consistently hold the microphone, online interaction is a requirement in e-learning. Therefore, more thought and preparation are necessary. Furthermore, online learning requires a kind of self-directed effort that traditional classrooms don’t; the willingness to complete learning assignments on one’s own time requires a self-discipline that ultimately helps the learner on a long-term basis.

Elearning Course Delivery

There are many options for creating an online training course. One is through a learning management system (LMS) like Coggno, which provides course creators with simple tools and an online marketplace for create and delivering their courses. If you’re thinking of rolling out with an e-learning course, take a tour of Coggno’s LMS and marketplace. Or, sign up for a free account and have your e-learning content ready for distribution in a matter of minutes.


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