E-learning Course Fundamentals: SCORM, Webinars and Integration


E-learning Course Fundamentals: SCORM, Webinars and Integration

Coggno Inc. | Jul, 15 2011

Anyone who uses e-learning courses will tell you that when running down your check-list of desired  features, one aspect not to be ignored is how easy or difficult it is to integrate your existing learning materials into the course you want to create. An LMS’s ease of integration will speed up course creation and allow you greater flexibility with the kinds of materials you offer your learners.

In choosing an LMS, integratability is key. You’re not creating learning modules in a vaccuum. You have years of experience and probably have a lot of material up your sleeve. Maybe you’re a teacher or a trainer and have learning materials stored on your computer, an external hard drive, or online in the cloud. Choosing an LMS that allows you to take advantage of these text, video, and audio files is going to make your course creation experience much easier.

What is SCORM and why might I need it?

Besides your learning material, you may want to make sure the learning management system you choose integrates with all SCORM software.

SCORM is a group of standards set for online learning. If you are creating a course for a governmental organization or an NGO that requires the use of SCORM standards, you will need SCORM authoring software.

One purpose of a SCORM authoring tool is that it allows you to control the order in which learning modules are experienced. Does your course have a natural flow, an order in which your learners should work through the material and activities? Most courses do, since knowledge is meant to build on previously learned knowledge, continuously reinforcing what has been learned. The ideal is not that a learner is able to jump ahead to the last section of the course without any difficulty. So what SCORM does is provide the structure of the learning program. It allows you to create and control the rules, time your learners, and ensure they are on task.

Live Webinars and Web Conferencing

Some learning management systems have incorporated web conferencing and webinar tools into their e-learning courses. Such LMSs provide you with the options of both synchronous HD visual and non-synchronous training.

How does it work? Learners simply log into the LMS course and participate in seminars or other kinds of real-time web conferences. The integrated webinar prevents confusion and produces seamless learning, without having to go back and forth between various locations. Additionally, webinars are an dynamic and increasingly popular way to provide collaborative and self-paced training to learners.

Easy Integration with Existing Learning Materials

Some learning management systems, such as Coggno, allow course creators to integrate existing learning materials, powerpoint documents, SCORM and video files with the click of a button. Having the course ready can be simply a matter of uploading the material that you have already worked on. You also can brand your material with your company logo, colors etc. Using a pay-per-use model like Coggno provides a few options for delivery. You can distribute the course within your organization, syndicate it on the web, or publicize it on Coggno’s catalogue of online training courses.

Flexibility in Action

The flexibility of Coggno’s LMS platform to meet organizations’ particular requirements and needs, as well as its standards implementation, make it among the top online learning platforms on the market.


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