Enjoyable and Manageable LMS Courses


Enjoyable and Manageable LMS Courses

Part of making your LMS course material enjoyable is mixing up your activities. Keep it light and fun, using a multimedia approach. Be careful to avoid too much text without a break, lest your LMS students tire of the subject matter. Include a good amount of color, small animations, video clips, sound, etc. of course, none of this should interfere with the content, but enhance it.

In addition, keep your images small in both graphic and file size, to allow your page to quickly load. Crop scanned photos to cut out unimportant backgrounds or other insignificant parts. GIF format is preferable to JPG format. You may want to link your videos rather than embed them. Check for bad links, and make sure your entire page is less than 20 KB or so, including graphics and everything. A page of LMS content should take less than ten seconds on a slow connection.


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