Expert Learning System Enrichment, Pt. 6


Expert Learning System Enrichment, Pt. 6

When inviting a guest speaker into a classroom, timing is key. Asking a guest to kick off a new topic is a brilliant way to get students engaged in the learning system. Take out your calendar and review the dates and deadlines planned for covering material. Although learning systems often have a certain progression and order, it’s never too early to start planning or booking when it comes to guest lecturers.

OK, so how do you go about finding speakers? If you’re planning for a Career Day event, ask your students if their parents would be interested in speaking to the class about their profession. Talk to some adults in the neighborhood like bankers, dentists, and small business owners. Ask your colleagues and friends if they know someone who would like to volunteer.

For older students and more mature learning systems like business, call on business leaders and local chamber of commerce leaders. Ask the mayor to speak to political science classes, and ask bookstores and libraries for the names of local authors and poets to speak to literature and writing classes.

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