Finding Cheap Learning Content Material


Finding Cheap Learning Content Material

Finding Cheap Learning Content MaterialWhile some students have access to their parents’ wallet for learning content materials, many students work their way through college, paying out of their own pockets for texts. For these students, the sting of expensive textbooks is especially harsh. 

So, what are some options for students seeking cheaper learning content materials, who are sick of paying into the system to get their learn on? Try online booksellers, like or If the website charges shipping fees, it helps if you can buy more than one book from one seller. And don’t worry too much about the edition–in most courses, the learning content will remain the same, and it won’t matter. There are also trading opportunities using sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. But remember: don’t give your books back to your university bookstore–try and sell them yourself on these same sites!

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