Four Features of a Great LMS

Four Features of a Great LMS

Four Features of a Great LMS

Janine Ordman | Sep, 25 2017

Learning Management Systems have been around for a while and they won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. The good LMSs have proven their utility and inspired further learning innovation, while the bad ones have made some people question why companies don’t just stick to tried and tested in-person training. Coggno’s LMS is excellent. It is excellent because we understand training and we understand what businesses and employees need to take from it. So, then, what makes a great LMS? We’ll answer this by recapping the key LMS ingredients:

What makes a great LMS?

1. Efficient and Cost-Effective

The expense of hiring a trainer, renting training space, transporting trainers and staff, offering learning materials, tea-time snacks, etc. all contribute to the often massive price tag associated with traditional classroom style business training. Add to that the man-hours lost while staff are scheduled to attend training sessions, despite deadlines and other work duties.

Learning management systems combine all the aspects of traditional training into one platform, allowing staff to access learning material at their own pace, wherever they may find themselves. A good LMS requires little maintenance and offers a more effective medium of training, leading to better information retention and a reduced need for refresher courses.

2. Consolidates Training Information

Learning management systems should serve as a hub for an organization’s training information, whether in-house or developed by training providers. It’s more convenient and easily accessible, saves trees (paperless), caters to individual employee needs, and allows for the addition of more material based on the organization’s training requirements.

3. Accessible from Anywhere

The modern workforce is on the move, and not all of an organization’s staff necessarily work from the same location. Thus, an LMS should be accessible remotely, and preferably on almost any device – PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.

4. Offers Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting Functionality

Training is only useful insofar as it actually contributes to tangible skills development, performance improvements, or assists an organization in complying with industry regulations. A good LMS has the capacity to track their employees’ training progress and performance, while allowing an efficient means to access reports to demonstrate compliance or highlight areas requiring improvement.

These four elements combined form the foundation of a learning management system that truly adds value to an organization, rather than becoming just another expensive white elephant. Coggno’s Training University contains this functionality, and more. Click here to check out a video on how we can change the way your business does training.

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