Free and Translatable Online Courseware


Free and Translatable Online Courseware

Free and Translatable Online CoursewareFeeds may become a greater part of the open source online courseware wave. Tony Hirst of Open University describes online courseware projects like OpenLearn and MIT’s OpenCourseWare, which use feeds to disaggregate content, republishing the learning material as separate course units–all in a single RSS feed.

With the offering of Google Reader’s new Google Translate technology, any feed can be converted to almost any language. To use the new service, subscribe to a feed, select “Translate into my language” from “Feed settings…” and the feed will be immediately translated.

Of course, translating technologies still have a long way to go. But as they develop in sophistication, we may see a universally expanding student base of online courseware that uses feeds to share learning content.

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