Free Courseware Project Team for Accessible Learning Systems


Free Courseware Project Team for Accessible Learning Systems

Free Courseware Project Team for an Accessible Learning System One kind of team that is difficult to coordinate online is the project or product-development team. Many companies are experimenting with virtual worlds like Second Life to provide their employees with a 3D meeting space and collaborative learning system, but these virtual world software still has many obstacles to overcome.

One example of a successful project team is the Free Courseware Project in South Africa. This group was formed to promote free educational resources and online learning systems at the University of the Western Cape, a previously disadvantaged South African University.

Project teams work towards goals within a defined window of time. The Free Courseware Project, for example, has set its initial phase for implementing free software learning systems at two years. The tasks involved in project teams are typically non-routine, and individuals in this team are fresh and innovative thinkers. Results are specific and measurable, and the team may have the decision-making authority.

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