Great Learning Management System Podcasts, Pt. 1


Great Learning Management System Podcasts, Pt. 1

Great Learning Management System Podcasts, Pt. 1Podcasts are a wonderful addition to course material in a learning management system. They are easy to create, produce, and share, and listeners don’t need an iPod to listen to them. Podcasts are usually in the form of mp3 files, making them accessible to all learning management system users.

What are the criteria for a good podcast? Of course, everyone has different interests, so opinions vary about what kind of content is intriguing. Topics depend on the learning content of your course or the functions you’ve assigned to the podcasts within your learning management system.

Especially if the content is more technical or number-oriented, keep the podcast at 5 to 10 minutes. Many listeners who don’t have an excessive amount of time to spare generally avoid long texts, courses, etc. Small installments of learning content are ideal.

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