Great Learning Management System Podcasts, Pt. 2


Great Learning Management System Podcasts, Pt. 2

Great Learning Management System Podcasts, Pt. 2The content of a podcast depends on the learning management system and course material. Providing intriguing material that piques listeners’ interest is essential to any learning management podcast. Otherwise, your listeners’ attention will begin to slip. True, choosing material that’s interesting is a matter of taste and opinion, but the way in which you present the information can make or break your podcast’s effectiveness.

Remember that listeners, whether they’re students or trainees using a learning management system, respond well to audio information that varies in texture and tone. Interspersing music, pieces of interviews, sound bites, etc. throughout is a great way to lend texture and continuity to your podcast. Additionally, make sure the speaker doesn’t sound like he or she is reading from a script. The dialogue should sound conversational. The listener should feel like the podcaster is speaking directly to him or her.

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