Help if You Need it: Supportive Learning Content


Help if You Need it: Supportive Learning Content

Help if You Need it: Supportive Learning ContentOne realization you may have had if you’ve ever sought online, self-help learning content, is that there are many people out there who are very kind. People who want to share what they’ve learned with you, people who want to support you, and people who offer advice out of the goodness of their hearts, their basic motive to provide help for whoever needs it. 

For example, maybe you’re interested in quitting smoking. Search keywords “quit smoking” and you’ll find not only a world of sites with free how-to-quit learning content, but online support groups with other quitters and many people who have already quit, who are there to be your supporting quit partner or cheerleader throughout your process. Websites that offer services and learning content like this are enough to restore your faith in human compassion and community. 

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