Homeschooling Resources and Online Courseware, Pt. 1


Homeschooling Resources and Online Courseware, Pt. 1

Coggno Inc. | Nov, 18 2008

Homeschooling Resources and Online Courseware, Pt. 1One important consideration when contemplating whether or not to homeschool your child is the personal sacrifice you’ll be accepting. Homeschool parents have very little personal time. Each day, you’ll need to make an effort create even a small amount of alone time. While your child is working on online courseware, for example, you might find a moment for yourself. Or perhaps a tutor comes a couple of hours a week to teach math or aide with an online courseware subject. Just remember that your personal time–however small–is important for your mental health, so be sure to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself.

Another point to deliberate on is the financial strain involved in homeschooling. Homeschooling itself, even with the addition of online courseware, can be done very inexpensively. However, homeschool parents usually aren’t able to work outside of the home, so a family accustomed to two incomes may need to adjust accordingly.

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