How Far We Have Come with the Learning Management System


How Far We Have Come with the Learning Management System

Coggno Inc. | Dec, 24 2009

As you look back throughout the years of education history it is amazing to see where we started, who would have ever thought learning would be conducted online, or that someone would think up of a learning management system where online courses could be hosted and delivered? However, this is not the end of progression. Technology seems to always be ever changing as they strive to break through new realms. We even see signs of new advances as the learning management systems and online learning modules are becoming more and more advanced. They are bringing new features to the system that will facilitate easier use.

I am sure everyone has seen movies that date back to the 1700’s where the classroom consisted of 4 or 5 grade levels, students used abacuses for calculators, and classes were conducted in an overcrowded one room school house. Education quickly progressed, as schools developed, education was opened up to all children of every gender, age, ethnicity, and social class. For the first time age groups were segmented to create a more age appropriate and focused subject matter for the classroom.  Specific lesson plans were created based on the grade level that the student was in and determined what the students would be learning during that time. Now skip ahead a few Centuries to when computers were first introduced into the classroom. Sure the first computers were the size of an entire room, however, they became “streamlined” for the classroom and students were able to learn how to used the DOS system and even participate in typing classes.

From the time computers were integrated into the schools and computer classes became a mandatory subject matter in the curriculum, it was taken another step further. Now wireless internet is offered on nearly every school campus and is widely available in cafes, apartment complexes, and in the workplaces. Even in the High Schools, students no longer hand in paper assignments as all of their work is done and submitted online, the lesson plans are posted on line for each student’s course schedule along with their electronic report card that enable parents to keep tabs on their children’s progress in school . College Students are participating in higher education online with the help of the Learning Management System platform that facilitates course distribution allowing them to receive their education via distant learning programs.

It does not stop there. As education is progressively evolving and moving to the web, technology continues to advance by creating a more effective and efficient learning management system with interactive courses, virtual webinars and live instructors, as well as advanced assessment tools that are used to measure how successful the online training courses are. Various learning methodologies that appeal to the visual, auditory, and kinetic learners are implemented into the courses or modules to provide the students with the option to pick which method that best enables them to fully comprehend the material.  The world of technology has opened up so many opportunities that enable to further education with the state of the art learning management systems and resources. It is truly a feat to look back and see where we have started to where we are now and even looking to the future as we as see signs of the next stage where technology is taking us.

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