How To Find Your Personal and Professional Strengths in 2023?

How To Find Your Strengths In 2023?

How To Find Your Personal and Professional Strengths in 2023?

Anjali Dalal | May, 22 2023

How to Identify Your Strengths in 2023: Discovering Where You Excel

Did you ever pause to realize the inherent potential you hold? Discovering your strengths is like a dormant volcano finally erupting, powerful and transformative. It’s akin to opening your eyes to a whole new perspective, instilling unexpected confidence in you.


Understanding Strength

The term strength can be as diverse as our personalities. The concept of it is multifaceted and unique to each individual. It’s often misconstrued as a physical attribute. 

It’s easy to associate it with the ability to move mountains, but a significant aspect of strength revolves around mental capacity. But it’s about resilience during adversities and the power to challenge the status quo.


Exploring The 17 Ways to Identify Your Strengths

There’s a fascinating diversity in the types of strengths we possess. Some of us excel in orchestrating an impressive presentation, while others have an uncanny knack for diffusing tense situations. These are all shades of strengths that make us stand out.


Relating Strength

Relating strength is all about people. If you’re someone with relating strength, you will likely be good at understanding and connecting with others. You’re the kind of person who can walk into a room and instantly make friends. You understand people’s feelings and can put yourself in their shoes. This strength is like a bridge, connecting you with others and helping you to build strong relationships.

In a professional context, those with this strength are often excellent team players and leaders. They are the glue that holds teams together, capable of resolving conflicts, fostering unity, and driving collaboration. If you can walk into a meeting and ease tensions or bring together diverse individuals for a common cause, you likely have a related strength.

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Thinking Strength

Thinking strength is about being a problem solver. If this is your strength, you’re probably the type who loves puzzles and challenges. You see problems as exciting opportunities to exercise your brain. Thinking strength is like a powerful computer processor, capable of analyzing, synthesizing, and strategizing effectively.

In the workplace, people with thinking strengths are innovators and strategists. They thrive in situations where they’re given complex problems to solve. They have a knack for critical thinking, allowing them to break down complex issues into manageable parts. Furthermore, they are the ones coming up with creative solutions and new ideas.


Influencing Strength

Influencing strength is about making an impact. If you possess this strength, you’ll likely be persuasive and capable of inspiring others. Influencing strength is like a magnet, attracting others to your ideas and viewpoints.

Professionally, those with influencing strength are the movers and shakers within an organization. They excel in roles that require persuasion, negotiation, and motivation. They often lead the charge towards change, convince others of the need for action, or inspire their team to achieve their best.


Executing Strength

Executing strength is about getting things done. If you have this strength, you’re the type of person who loves to check things off your to-do list. You thrive on action and results. Executing strength is like a well-oiled machine, consistently delivering results and achieving goals.

In a professional setting, those with executing strength are the doers. They are highly productive and reliable, often ensuring projects are completed on time and meeting goals. They have a strong sense of responsibility and take pride in their ability to deliver results.

Each of these strengths is unique and valuable. Recognizing and cultivating them can significantly enhance your personal and professional life. Remember, it’s not about having one strength but leveraging all in synergy to become a well-rounded individual and professional.


Unearthing Hidden Strengths: Are You Stronger Than You Think?

Often, we harbor strengths that we’re oblivious to, like a gold mine waiting to be discovered. You may have an extraordinary ability to empathize with your colleagues or possess a level-headed approach during crises. These concealed strengths are ready to be unveiled.

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Find Your Strength: Identify What You Do Best

Identifying strengths can be an engaging process of self-discovery. 

  • Are you the go-to person for crisis management? 
  • Do you excel in strategic planning? 

These abilities that come naturally to you are your strengths.

Another technique to identify your strengths is to observe what you’re passionate about. It could be fostering team spirit or devising innovative solutions. If you’re enthusiastic about an activity, it’s likely one of your strengths.

Furthermore, revisiting your past achievements can shed light on your strengths. 

  • Did you feel a sense of accomplishment after executing a successful project or receiving recognition for your efforts? 

These are instances that indicate your strengths.

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Seeking Outside Perspectives: How Others Can Help Identify Your Strengths

The people around us often provide valuable insights into our strengths. Perhaps your supervisor appreciates your negotiation skills, or your team admires your leadership style. Listening to their perspectives can help you identify your strengths.


Harnessing Your Strengths

Recognizing your strengths is just the first step. To truly harness them, you need to hone them consistently. Whether it’s decision-making or conflict resolution, practice can enhance your strengths.

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Harnessing Positivity: How A Positive Mindset Amplifies Strength

Maintaining a positive mindset can act as a catalyst in amplifying your strengths. It’s about fostering self-belief and reminding yourself of your potential. This optimism can significantly influence your strengths.


Embrace Challenges: How Overcoming Obstacles Builds Strength

Challenges often serve as stepping stones to strengthen your abilities. They provide an opportunity to test your mettle and push your boundaries. It’s during these challenging phases that your strengths become more prominent.

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Cultivating Emotional Intelligence: A Key Aspect Of Inner Strength

Emotional intelligence is often an overlooked aspect of strength. It’s about understanding and managing your emotions and those of others. By cultivating emotional intelligence, you’re enhancing a critical component of your inner strength.

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Maximizing Your Strengths

Once you’ve identified and nurtured your strengths, it’s time to leverage them. Employ your strengths in areas that can drive success. Whether it’s strategic planning or problem-solving, optimizing your strengths can lead to significant achievements.

How To Find Your Strengths

Strength In Synergy: Combining Strengths For Greater Effectiveness

Strength doesn’t exist in isolation. It’s about creating a synergy of your various strengths to enhance effectiveness. It could be combining your analytical skills with your intuitive nature to devise holistic strategies.


Building Resilience: The Ultimate Expression Of Strength

Resilience is often regarded as the ultimate expression of strength. It’s about bouncing back from setbacks and maintaining your resolve. By building resilience, you’re fortifying your strength.


Strength In Vulnerability: How Accepting Weakness Bolsters Strength

Contrary to popular belief, acknowledging your weaknesses can bolster your strength. It’s about understanding your limitations and working towards improving them. Accepting your vulnerability makes your strength more authentic.


Beyond Self: Applying Your Strengths

Your strengths can significantly influence your relationships. It could be your empathetic nature that strengthens your bonds or your positivity that inspires others. By using your strengths, you can enhance your connections.

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Contributing To The World: How Your Strengths Can Make A Difference

Your strengths hold the potential to make a difference. It could be through initiating change in your organization or influencing others to maximize their potential. Your strengths have the power to contribute significantly.


Inspiring Others: Becoming A Beacon Of Strength

Your journey of discovering and nurturing your strengths can serve as an inspiration for others. It’s about leading by example and encouraging others to explore their strengths. By inspiring others, you become a beacon of strength.

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Coggno – Personal Power: Find Your Strengths (Course)

Embarking on the journey of finding your strengths can be a transformative experience. At Coggno, we offer the Personal Power: Find Your Strengths course to make this journey seamless and engaging. 

This course will embark you on a journey of self-discovery, nudging you to explore your inherent strengths.

The course is tailored around four categories of strength: 

  • Relating 
  • Thinking 
  • Influencing 
  • Executing 

It invites you to understand these strengths, identify where you stand, and use them as a beacon guiding your path.

The course encourages you to reach out to a close friend or colleague. The idea is to get an outside perspective about what they perceive to be your strengths.

Furthermore, the “Personal Power: Find Your Strengths” course is not just a repository of text and information. It is an immersive experience that engages you with audio narration and video. These interactive elements make learning more dynamic and enjoyable.

Moreover, the course provides job aids and reference materials. These resources act as a treasure trove of information, ready for you to revisit anytime you need.

What’s even more exciting is that this course is mobile-ready. This means you can access it anytime, anywhere. 

The course is compatible with a wide range of browsers, including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11, and Safari. This means no matter what your preferred browser is, you can easily access the course.

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End Note: Find Your Strengths

The journey of finding and building strength is a lifelong process. It’s about continuous learning and growth. As you evolve, so do your strengths.

Furthermore, your strength can create a ripple effect, inspiring others to discover and nurture their strengths. It’s about creating a culture of strength where everyone is encouraged to harness their potential.

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