How to Give Great Performance Reviews Using LMS Performance Management


How to Give Great Performance Reviews Using LMS Performance Management

Coggno Inc. | Sep, 17 2010

I’ve already mentioned employee dread of performance reviews; but what about the managers giving the reviews? Surveys report that managers also harbor a strong dislike for performance reviews, oftentimes because an organization’s employee performance development is often lacking. Oftentimes, supervisors have a difficult time remembering the major achievements of each employee in a given year, let alone their goals, development, and other contributions.

Short memories on the managerial end and insufficient time spent on goal-setting and performance assessment throughout the year often make annual reviews unfair, inaccurate and worst of all, ineffective. Lack of preparation for a performance review communicates that you do not take the review seriously, and you can safely assume that neither will the evaluated employee.

Why are performance reviews important in the first place? Study after study shows that successful organizations are the ones whose employees have a sense of “we”.  It’s like what the poet William Butler Yeats once wrote: “Because I helped to wind the clock, I came to hear it strike.” People want to feel useful to and part of an organization, and recognized for their contributions. A one-sided lecture based on vague ideas about each employee (this is some managers’ idea of a performance review) is likelier to do much more harm than good for employee development.

A learning management system (LMS) can help solve this problem. LMS performance management removes the focus on the performance review itself. Instead, it places an emphasis on the whole picture, beginning to end, of performance management and improvement strategies. These include employee training and cross-training, dynamic lessons and assignments, employee performance improvement, performance development, comprehensive feedback and performance feedback.

The cost of using an LMS to manage performance development and feedback is low and even free in some cases, but the value is great. An investment in systematic performance development is an investment in your most precious resource–your people.

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