How to Motivate Employees with LMS Courses


How to Motivate Employees with LMS Courses

Coggno Inc. | Sep, 23 2010

When an employee begins a new job, it’s critical to start off on the right foot. Employee turnover is a wasteful, costly phenomenon that happens to too many organizations. It isn’t necessarily true that you’re hiring “bad employees”, but that once they are hired, the motivation element in the workplace may be lacking.

How can you ensure that the employee you have hired fulfills the expectations and the work that you have for him/her? The answer is in the first few weeks of an employee’s new term–during training.

Dynamic and effective training ensures that employees understand their tasks, gives them the practice and theory they will need to do their job with excellence, and creates a greater sense of team spirit in the workplace. In fact, there is a growing trend to nurture the team spirit and true engagement aspects of training.

With a learning management system (LMS) online training that treats training as a game and the participant as a motivated and interested learner, (which everyone is at the onset of a new job) Using an LMS, you can create dynamic, face-to-face training that has a game-like element, which engages and teaches at the same time.

In fact, the beginning of a new position isn’t the only time to implement an LMS online training courses. If you have staff who are not living up to their potential and/or your standards, it might be a good time to introduce an online course. You can make the LMS online course dynamic and fun, and allow employees to complete some activities and lessons independently, while working with coworkers on other activities.

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