Integrating Podcasts in Courseware Systems


Integrating Podcasts in Courseware Systems

Integrating Podcasts in Courseware DevelopmentYou’re in the gathering and organizing process of your courseware system development. To enhance learners’ interaction with your courseware, you’ll want to consider various media, like audio information and podcasts.

What educational topics make for good podcast material? Just about any topic could be make a successful podcast. Even something mathematical like a difficult calculus assignment could be made into one. One subject that lends itself to the podcast format is music. Perhaps your courseware is on classical music, and you want your students to differentiate between styles and repertoire. Part of your courseware system might be dedicated to creating a podcast. You describe in words what the audience should listen for, play music clips, recap on what listeners just heard, and compare it with more musical styles using more clips.

When making decisions about your courseware system, remember that audio media is an essential aspect of any online learning system. And any subject that can be explained or discussed is prime podcast material.

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