Invest In Online Safety Training To Prevent Violence In the Workplace


Invest In Online Safety Training To Prevent Violence In the Workplace

Erica Caramol | Mar, 7 2016

Unfortunately, violence in workplace is a reality. It can also be a fiscal liability and a disaster in the making if management and human resources do not address it with the appropriate safety training.

Many Violent Incidents Can Occur in Any Workplace

According to the Society of Human Resource Management Workplace, two-thirds of HR professionals reported some sort of violence at their place of business over a three year span. Those acts of violence included verbal abuse, sexual harassment, fighting, stalking, robbery and others. About $55 billion a year is lost to litigation, plus more when lost productivity is factored in after an incident occurs.

Employers Need to Address Workplace Violence with Appropriate Safety Training

Many employers are negligent when it comes to addressing violence in the workplace. By not meeting the challenge head on, the problem will only escalate when it is combined with everyday pressures and managerial concerns. It will fall by the wayside and eventually affect company morale and turnover, leading employees to feel that their environment, as well as their jobs, could be unstable.

Companies that do not address workplace violence usually do not have strict policies in place regarding safety and are negligent in providing the necessary training to avoid serious incidents. Companies that have an effective workplace violence policy, consistent training and a good security program are shown to have the lowest rate of violence in the workplace, based on a study by the U.S. Department of Justice.

An LMS Platform Can Provide Accessible, Effective Safety Training

Providing safety training to employees does not have to be a complicated endeavor. There is no need for off-site seminars or expensive consultants to teach employees how to avoid violent encounters and keep the workplace safe for everyone.

A learning management system is a straightforward, cost-effective solution to giving employees the safety training they need, not just to curb workplace violence, but to avoid other work-related injuries that could be prevented with the proper information. An LMS platform gives every employee the opportunity to learn at their own pace, at the office, at home, or anywhere it is convenient for them. Safety training courses can be obtained from outside sources, or they can be created for a company’s specific needs. Having an in-house LMS platform gives any organization the flexibility it needs to meet every employee’s needs, keeping them safe, and ensuring they have the knowledge to be as productive as possible.

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