Learning Management System Constancy


Learning Management System Constancy

Learning Management System ConstancyIn a financial slump, of course, a school experiences more trouble training its educators to use a learning management system, no less keeping them up to date with new Web 2.0 technologies. The desire to stick with a learning management system that’s running smoothly, or the drive to find a cheap and user-friendly learning management system, becomes intensified. The current economic downturn also makes me wonder, how secure is the future of Web 2.0 technologies?

The interviewees of the BBC’s Maggie Shiels responded with varying perspectives on the future of Web 2.0. Venture capitalist John Doerr stated that while good ideas will continue to be funded, it will be harder for companies to produce a return for their employees and investors. Investor Ron Conway, on the other hand, has faith that companies in the video space, cloud computing, and social networking and communities will continue to thrive. What do you predict?


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