Learning Management System Implements State of the Art Modules


Learning Management System Implements State of the Art Modules

Coggno Inc. | Jan, 29 2010

Using a learning management system provides organizations with an end-to-end approach to develop talent and guarantees visible priorities of individuals, activities and events. We are aware that a LMS can perform a number of functions, administrative requests from scheduling trainings, to strategic requests like training gap analysis, aligning training modules with business goals etc.

In a classroom environment, we lose out on a number of features that can provide a lot of flexibility to the learner and trainer. Organizations are aware that they can leverage the use of a learning management system to improve productivity, reduce costs and achieve business goals efficiently. Once training modules are deployed on a LMS, trainers and learners can benefit by getting access to a variety of e-learning modules.

Activities are much easier to update and these can include tasks like assigning budgets, enrollments, managing assessments, generating report, classroom logistics etc. It is easier to measure the ROI on training. An LMS allows you employees to develop career paths, and managers to identify the development paths based on employee goals. In fact, assessments to measure competency that can be linked with performance appraisals can be managed via a learning management system for employees and managers

A learning management system allows clients to examine the workforce and provide skill management and analysis. It also provides automated certification for safety programs and supervisory roles. For employees that need to take mandatory training – training requests and progress tracking to achieve competencies for a particular position is available.

After completing a module, employees are requested to provide feedback about the effectiveness of the training module. This enables management to review the training results and measure improvements in employee performance.

For organizations that have a workforce which is spread over a number of regions, a learning management system allows overall tracking of skills sets and identifying development needs. It empowers managers to approve training requests, monitor employee progress, generate reports to understand employee readiness and relate job performance to identify employee development needs.

In a classroom environment or without a learning management system, organizations incur additional costs to manage training requirements. They do not have the flexibility of generating detailed reports and the data accumulated can be inaccurate. As employees undertake training courses that are available on a LMS, managers can assess employee strengths; compare skills of an employee with their performance objectives.

In summary, a learning management system implements state of the art training modules that allow self service requests for employee training courses, managing content, support for learning, updating courses to sync with positions or employee competencies. Instructor availability, training effectiveness, scheduling classes, hours spent training etc can be managed with ease with the help of LMS. For management, tracking employees and maintaining a history of their training, identifying the budget for training and other bottom line figures necessary to business can be easily acquired with a LMS.

With these advantages, using a learning management system can ensure compliance with business goals and quality training to improve employee performance.


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