Learning Management System Privacy


Learning Management System Privacy

Learning Management System Privacy

When choosing a learning management system for your school or company, you’ll want to make sure its privacy policy is sound. Personal information will probably be asked of all learning management system users. What are the people with access to that data going to do with it?

Some acceptable purposes for personal information might be products and services provisions, identification and authentication, contact purposes, and services improvement. The revealing of information to third parties should never take place. Of course, if the user is not going to be paying for something, his or her credit card information shouldn’t be requested.

To secure the privacy of all users, looking into the privacy measures taken by your learning management system choice is of utmost importance. For a secure syndicator, enter Coggno. From now until November 15, Coggno is offering a great promotion: we’ll migrate your content for you, free of charge.


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