Learning Management System Rewards


Learning Management System Rewards

Learning Management System RewardsWhy did the chicken cross the road? It certainly wasn’t just to get to the other side. No, there was probably something across the road that the chicken wanted, and in order to get it, he had to traverse some pavement. Companies using learning management systems might keep this concept in mind.

Even though the endeavor itself usually turns out to be the reward, humans still need motivation in order to put forth effort. Intentional learning, or learning for the sake of learning, doesn’t usually happen. Like Roger Schank says, learning begins and ends with motivation. Most students and trainees using a learning management system are not intentional learners.

At its core, learning is about wanting something. In the classroom setting, that something is usually good grades. In a learning management system, coupled with rewards for excellent performance, motivation is an important way to bolster learners’ drive to learn.


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