Learning Management System Security


Learning Management System Security

Learning Management System SecurityNot only does integrating Web 2.0 technologies into the classroom require expensive training, but technical and policy-related obstacles can also create problems for a school. While a learning management system is relatively easy to maintain, technologies like blogs and wikis require a secure network for students. Ideally, a school maintains its own server in its own network, on which it runs the necessary software–but not all schools have one.

Additionally, while a learning management system is easy to monitor, Web 2.0 technologies open the door to a host of potentially inappropriate content. Many schools actually limit or prohibit Web 2.0 on the school network, preventing audio and video streaming. Others don’t allow students to use iPods or other USB devices, rendering useless the integration of Web 2.0 technologies like podcasts. Still other schools using a learning management system may not allow students to visit any external sites.


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