Learning Management Systems for People with Disabilities


Learning Management Systems for People with Disabilities

Greater Accessibility in Learning Management SystemsTechnology has opened a world of possibilities to reach learners and trainees who have formerly experienced greater difficulty accessing information. One such group is people with disabilities. Assistive technologies enable people with disabilities to perform tasks that they were unable to accomplish in the past, or which they once experienced difficulty performing. 

Learning management systems that use assistive technologies create greater accessibility and usability for all people—not only people with disabilities. Software designed for people with visual impairments like dyslexia, such as text-to-speech (TTS), also provides assisted spelling and auditory programs that can be utilized in learning management system courses. Devices such as editing, spellchecking and speech synthesis software are just a few kinds of assistive technologies. Greater accessibility for people with disabilities means a universal, more usable learning management system designed for all kinds of educators, learners and trainees.

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