LMS and VoIP Privacy Concerns


LMS and VoIP Privacy Concerns

LMS and VoIP Privacy ConcernsYour LMS may be free of sensitive information about your organization’s users. But what about LMS users communicating via VoIP providers?”Internet phone calls are crippling fight against terrorism,” a London Times headline recently read. Government security officials have access to telephone and email traffic for a legitimate reason–to protect citizens. But as these government organizations struggle to keep up with rapidly expanding communication networks, other listeners and lookers on unofficial business may lurk in the shadows.

One potential threat to VoIP users is having your call digitally intercepted. Due to the lack of encryption, VoIP calls are more susceptible to tapping. However, internet thieves probably have more efficient means of extracting information. One way to help protect your company’s LMS and VoIP users is to make sure a good firewall is in place. However, most VoIP services provide their own security measures.


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