LMS Rewards and Recognition


LMS Rewards and Recognition

LMS Rewards and Recognition Another important condition for coordinating a capable virtual team is the clear setting of goals, which can be aided by an LMS. In addition to this, an LMS can help with the maintenance of a robust reward and recognition system.

As American business author Michael LeBoeuf tells us, “You get more of the behavior you reward. You don’t get what you hope for, ask for, wish for or beg for. You get what you reward.” When individual team members are poorly motivated, or feel like their work doesn’t make a difference, the whole team suffers. By rewarding team accomplishments, you inspire and promote teamwork and creative energy.

How do you reward achievement? Give each member a sense of responsibility, communicating to them that their actions make a difference.Though an LMS can be used to track achievements and provide rewards, the best kind of recognition is face-to-face, in the form of positive words and encouragement from a respected figure.


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