Making VoIP and LMS Data Secure


Making VoIP and LMS Data Secure

Making VoIP and LMS Data SecureAs security threats rise along with VoIP popularity, there are some preventative measures you and your service providers can take to protect your LMS data and VoIP communication. Most companies and organizations using LMSs should already have firewalls in place. These barriers do a great deal to ward off hackers and virus mongers. If a network is controlled by a central server, firewall software should be installed on that server to protect all the machines and devices using the network.

Another way to protect your LMS information and VoIP security is authentication. Just asking for credentials–user name, password, etc–distinguishes legitimate users from false ones. Unfortunately, very few VoIP service providers are equipped with authentication technologies. Encryption is one more helpful preventative measure. For more information, check out VOIPSA’s (Voice over IP Security Alliance) website at

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