Managerial Leadership Through an LMS


Managerial Leadership Through an LMS

Coggno Inc. | Dec, 10 2008

Tim Bryce offers some suggestions for managers using an LMS to organize teams from corporate departments or divisions. A manager, first and foremost, should lead. All teams require a leader who can communicate the goals the team is working for and provide direction, through an LMS and face-to-face.

Whether it’s a virtual team organized on an LMS or a team that works together in the same geographical space, all successful teams must be able to trust and believe in their leaders. If members are unable to do this, they’re probably not going to follow the leader’s directions or listen to his or her advice–especially in difficult or challenging times. Leaders should also remember that they have the final say. Democratic rule is effective to a certain point, and soliciting input is fine, but teams need one leader to guide them–no more and no less.

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