Master Online Learning in Your Free Time


Master Online Learning in Your Free Time

Coggno Inc. | Jun, 1 2011

Online learning, or distance education, is growing not only among full-time college students, but is increasingly used by adults working full-time jobs who like its flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Even though the economy is supposedly back on its feet, many are still without employment or, not much better off, in a position that isn’t ideal only because they believe it will be too difficult to find a better one. Are you one of these people? If so, consider doing what many of us do: gain new skills via online learning.

The great thing about online learning is that you can fit it into your daily schedule without interfering with the job you have now. You can keep your job and gain new skills while weighing your options for the future. That way, when the market really does pick up again, as it’s bound to eventually, you are more marketable to land the position you’d really like to work in.

How do you start online learning?

The first step is to do research on online learning programs, whether they be provided by academic or corporate instititions. To guide you through your options, use a targeted online search engine. Take notes, weighing pros and cons of the courses you find.

Weigh the factors

While doing research, make a list or a google spreadsheet to organize your findings. Be sure to include factors that are important to you, such as the level of knowledge on the topic that you’re expected to already have, the course length, instructor involvement, and cost.

Relevance to your career goals

How relevant the course is to your professional goals is a huge consideration in choosing an e-learning course. You might decide to enroll in an online certification course or an LMS training program. Remember, obtaining new skills or refreshing old ones is the first step on your way to better opportunities. Take advantage of the flexibility if e-learning to gain the skills and certification that will propel you where you would really like to be.

Tech-Savvy courses

One great option for people trying to get back into the game of the job market is an online training course that increases skill level in a software or other tech-related skill that can help you reach your professional goals. Courses in eco/clean technology, programming, and software are all highly compatible with the online education format.

Software knowledge in programs such as Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Word and Excel are a good start, but why not pick up a course in Powerpoint or Dreamweaver? The more fleshed out you can prove your computer skills to be, the better your chances at hiring time.

Of course, when job-searching, having pursued any online course shows that you are a self-disciplined and self-motivated person.

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