Nail Your Performance Review with LMS Prep


Nail Your Performance Review with LMS Prep

Coggno Inc. | Sep, 3 2010

Do you have an annual performance review coming up? An LMS prep course could help you make it a success.

Oftentimes people dread performance reviews for all the wrong reasons. You might be unfamiliar with the process, or haven’t taken the time to reflect on the work year, or create professional goals for the future. You might believe it’s time for a pay raise, but you aren’t sure if it’s the right time to ask.

The trick is to go prepared. Keep in mind that workplaces do performance reviews differently. While some require that you take time to assess yourself, and later use that assessment as the basis for your review, others focus more on the future, or the past. Find out from your boss before the review for some specifics on how the process works.

Besides finding out the structure of the performance review, pick up an LMS online course or information guide to prepare you for the review. An LMS online training course in performance review can help you answer questions such as: How do I prepare for my performance review? What is its purpose, and what can I achieve during the review? What will take place during the interview, and what will it cover? (You may also ask your boss this question.) Can I ask for things I want, for example, LMS training and further education? What is a good review? What rights do I have? Is it an appropriate space to complain about problems I’ve been experiencing at work? What is my role in the interview? And more.

Once you’ve answered these questions for yourself, you’ll realize that there’s no reason to dread your performance review; in fact, you may even look forward to it and take advantage of the space it provides for you to speak with your employer.

Coggno is now offering a free trial for performance review training creators on its learning management system. Create an online course for free, whether it be for internal use, for inclusion in Coggno’s E-Learning Marketplace, or for outside syndication on hundreds of websites.

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