Navigating Your Performance Review with LMS Training

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Navigating Your Performance Review with LMS Training

Coggno Inc. | Aug, 26 2010

Annual performance review time is often an unpleasant and dreaded date on the calendar. Why is this the case? Oftentimes, it has to do with training.


If you know your annual performance review is approaching, it might be a good time to review your LMS training experience with your employer, point out any extra courses you’ve taken to enhance your professional skills, or discuss plans to enroll in outside training courses.


After all, a performance review is meant to provide a space not only for your manager to give you feedback on your performance, but for you to reflect on the year of work and get to the root of the reasons you might not be working to the best of your ability. Your manager will appreciate your proactive plans and your desire to improve your skills.

Furthermore, he or she may empathize when you relate the challenges you’ve faced in your job and during training. Management training, after all, is one area with a serious deficit.


From the highest executives and downward, one of the most common complaints about job training is its inadequacy or even the lack thereof. According to the 2010 IRS Line Manager Training Survey, areas like staff development, absence management, recruiting and retention, and grievance handling are just a few in which management training is reported as inadequate.


One hundred and twenty-three HR professionals training were surveyed. Nearly two-thirds (60%) of those polled reported that their management training was encumbered by poor organizational backing (53%), financial limitations (50%), and poor attendance (45%). Eight in 10 of the managers polled advocated training and believed it should be compulsory.


Author of the report Charlotte Wolff said: “Line managers are increasingly expected to take on more responsibility in some crucial areas of people management, yet it appears that the training is not evolving at the same pace.”

With higher quality and greater accessibility of job training offered online, as well as increasingly internet-savvy employees in the business world, more and more companies are opting to include cost-effective and customizable LMS instruction in their training. However, you yourself may or may not have had a robust training experience.

Perhaps your online training courses were dry and uninteresting, non-compulsory, or maybe it was too fast or rushed through. Any of these factors are bound to have an enormous impact on employee performance long-term. As Wolff noted, “In areas such as absence management, where good practice can directly help the organization save on costs, I would have thought that investment in the relevant training would be clearly worthwhile.”


Even if effective training was lacking as part of the introduction to your current job, and perhaps this lack is reflected in your performance review, this is a good time to show your employer that you are proactive and search for LMS training that will enhance your professional skills.


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