Nonprofit and Collaborative Learning Content


Nonprofit and Collaborative Learning Content

Nonprofit and Collaborative Learning Content

For many people, technology isn’t exciting in its abstract. What’s interesting is what can be done with the technology–its power to transform society and generally influence what human beings are interested in. One demonstration of the mobilizing potential of online learning content is the sheer quantity of nonprofit organization websites. Nonprofit organizations around the globe use the internet to fundraise, recruit volunteers, and provide learning content about their programs and social problems they are fighting to address. These organizations often use the help of advisors to find the best tools and develop usability models to attract their main demographic.

Or exchanges like this: A group of malaria researchers in a remote area of Africa begins this month to benefit from free internet access to full-text articles from selected journals, offering in return answers to the publishers’ questions about the value of the journals’ learning content to their research. Technology-aided collaboration for the public good.

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