Online Courseware Teaching Community


Online Courseware Teaching Community

Online Courseware Teaching CommunityA sense of community is an important aspect of the faculty members within a school, in order to build a positive atmosphere among staff and students alike. But teachers may have questions and points of discussion that cannot be addressed in their own school, for whatever reason. Maybe you need tech help for your online courseware, and no one is quite able to answer your questions.

For a greater wealth of information on all topics and support from those involved in similar situations, there are online sources for educators in the form of chatboards and discussion forums. is a great one for discussion boards, like the Educational Software chatboard, as well as articles and resources not only related to integrating online courseware in the classroom, but for all educational subjects. Other sites offer tips on how to integrate online courseware into your course, and reports from educators who face challenges in their own blended learning environments.

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