Online Public Library Learning Content


Online Public Library Learning Content

Online Public Library Learning ContentMany people have upped their internet use while decreasing their frequency to the library. But unlike the internet, public libraries are accessible to everyone. And for many people the feel of a real book in their hands is irreplaceable. Also, part of the beauty of lending libraries is that people are given access to learning content and creative works while adhering to authors’ intellectual property rights.

So most works can’t be transferred online to offer what libraries provide to the public.

Nevertheless, using online library sites, there are plenty of public domain works and other public learning content to choose from. You can read classics like Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics or Aesop’s Fables, or listen to the audiobooks. Read photoblogs and see art exhibits. But don’t forget to write your local government or donate to library “friends” groups to help rescue the real deal from neglect and budget cuts.

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