Online Religious Learning Content, Pt. 1


Online Religious Learning Content, Pt. 1

Online Religious Learning Content, Pt. 1People look to the internet for just about everything nowadays. For school and work, entertainment, purchasing products, all types of learning content, and even friends and romance. There are sites like Facebook for socializing with those you already know, and sites like that allow users to meet potential romantic interests. So, if people are using the internet as tool to meet needs as important as friendship and love, what about something like religion? Do people look to the internet in search of religious learning content and spiritual guidance? Increasingly so.

Thousands of religious websites exist, offering all kinds of information and services. There are massive websites offering pure learning content on religions from Cao Dai to Zoroastrianism. Other sites cater to the members of one particular faith. Some provide experiences like prayer, baptisms, marriages and funerals. Others host theological debates and discussions.

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