14 Operations Management Online Training Courses

operations management courses

14 Operations Management Online Training Courses

Anjali Dalal | Jun, 18 2024

Top 14 Operations Management Courses Online: Uplift Your Career In 2024

We cannot overemphasize the importance of having efficient operations management in 2024. Are we making a direct statement? Yes, but with proof!

According to IDC reports, operational inefficiencies cost businesses anywhere from 20% to 30% of their revenue annually. Due to the complicated global supply chains and the need for lean processes, there is a higher demand for experienced operations managers now than ever before. 

So what’s the way out? Take an all-inclusive operation management course and see how it will enhance your skills and improve your career path.

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Top 14 Operation Management Courses To Consider in 2024

If you’re aiming to become a certified operations manager, below is one of the best certification courses for operations management you should consider:

To help you choose the right course, we’ve compiled a list of highly recommended operation management courses available online: 


#1. Operations Management

This operations management course equips employees with the skills to engineer successful operations management systems that swiftly adapt to new processes, product requirements, and technologies. Gain a comprehensive understanding of organizational workings to achieve and maintain a competitive edge in the global economy.

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#2.  Operations Management – Management Resource & Workflow Layout 1 – Introduction To Operational Management Fundamentals & System View Of Operations – Designing Layouts

This course provides an in-depth introduction to operational management fundamentals and the system view of operations, including designing efficient layouts. It explores strategic capital structuring, combining senior debt, mezzanine debt, and equity capital to minimize costs. The course also covers the intricacies of different funding types, such as senior bank debt, subordinated debt, and quasi-equity. Ideal for employees, it equips learners with essential knowledge to enhance operational efficiency and financial strategy.

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#3. Operations Management – Management Resource & Workflow Layout 2 – Capacity Management

Capacity planning is a crucial aspect of capacity management, determining an organization’s ability to meet current and future demands by optimizing its resource pool. This course covers the essentials of balancing capacity and demand, using aggregate data for budget planning and resource allocation. Ideal for employees, it provides strategies for managing short-to-medium-term capacity to align production capabilities with market demands efficiently.

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#4. Operations Management – Erp Metrics 1 – Operations Of An Economic Entity: Enterprise Resource Planning

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and operational systems, focusing on optimizing resource use and maximizing productivity. Students will explore key concepts such as operations management, resource planning, and the transformative role of information technology in business. 

With engaging video content, infographics, and quizzes, employees will learn to improve core business processes and leverage IT for competitive advantage. This 60-minute course is ideal for employees to enhance understanding and efficiency in modern business operations.

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#5. Operations Management – Erp Metrics 4 – Operational Indicator, Kpis And Metrics 

This course introduces students to the theory and applications of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and operational systems, focusing on optimizing resource use and maximizing productivity. 

Through dynamic 60-minute video content, infographics, and quizzes, learners will grasp key concepts like performance indicators, KPIs, and metrics. This course is ideal for employees seeking to enhance their understanding of ERP metrics and improve operational efficiency within their organizations.

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#6. Operations Management – Erp Metrics 5 – Measurement And Presentation Tools 

This course introduces students to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and operational systems, emphasizing the use of measurement and presentation tools to optimize resources and productivity. Participants will explore key concepts like the balanced scorecard, strategy maps, and measurement management techniques. 

This 60-minute course features dynamic videos, infographics, and quizzes that help employees understand and apply performance metrics and IT systems to improve business processes. Ideal for those looking to enhance their knowledge of ERP metrics and operational efficiency.

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#7. Operations Management – Management Resource & Workflow Layout 5 – Health Safety And Environment (Hs&E) – Sustainable Operations & Quality Management / Project Management – General Methods & Tools For Internal- External Interface

This course delves into the fundamentals of operations management (OM), focusing on sustainability, health, safety, and environmental (HS&E) concerns. Participants will learn about creating safe, productive work environments and addressing social, economic, and environmental objectives (the triple bottom line). 

Topics include sustainable operations, quality management, and project management tools for internal and external interfaces. This 60-minute course is ideal for employees looking to enhance their understanding of sustainable OM practices and improve workplace safety and productivity.

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#8. Operations Management – Process Mapping & Supply Chain 5 – Supply Chain Management, Continuous Improvement & Technology

This course offers an in-depth exploration of supply chain management, continuous improvement, and the role of technology in optimizing inventory and production processes. Participants will learn to coordinate production, manage inventories, and streamline the transportation of goods and services to achieve the best sustainable outcomes. 

This 60-minute course helps employees enhance their knowledge of supply chain management and improve operational efficiency through effective inventory optimization and resource management.

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#9. Operations Management – Process Mapping & Supply Chain 1 – Process Management, Process Mapping And Design

This course provides comprehensive insights into process management, process mapping, and design, crucial for effective supply chain management. Participants will learn to coordinate production, manage inventories, and optimize the transportation of goods and services. The course features dynamic videos, infographics, and quizzes to enhance understanding. 

Key topics include process mapping, procedural outline and quality, communication, information management, and process reengineering. Ideal for employees, this 60-minute course equips learners with the skills to improve business practices and achieve optimal supply chain outcomes.

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#10. Operations Management – Process Mapping & Supply Chain 3 – Quality And Productivity Management

This course delves into Quality and Productivity Management, which is crucial for effective Supply Chain Management. It explores diverse definitions of quality, emphasizing conformance to specifications, fitness for use, value for price paid, support services, and psychological criteria. 

Featuring engaging videos, audio narration, infographics, and quizzes, it enhances understanding through practical examples across manufacturing and service sectors. Ideal for employees aiming to optimize operations and achieve sustainable outcomes in their respective industries.

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#11. Operations Management – Process Mapping & Supply Chain 4 – Supply Chain Management

This course focuses on supply chain management, which is essential for optimizing production processes, managing inventories, and ensuring efficient delivery of goods and services. It covers the strategic coordination from raw materials sourcing to product distribution, emphasizing responsiveness and efficiency critical for global competitiveness. 

Dynamic video lectures, audio explanations, infographics, and quizzes enhance understanding of supply chain components like external suppliers, internal functions, and external distributors. Ideal for employees seeking to enhance their knowledge of operations management and improve supply chain efficiencies in various business contexts.

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#12. Operations Management – Erp Metrics 2 – Enterprise Resource Planning: External Priorities

This course on ERP Metrics 2 delves into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, emphasizing their integration across business functions to enhance resource utilization and operational efficiency. Participants explore ERP’s role in managing manufacturing, inventory, logistics, invoicing, and accounting processes alongside newer functionalities like CRM and supply chain management. Through dynamic video lectures, audio narration, and interactive quizzes, learners gain insights into ERP’s centralized database capabilities and its transformative impact on organizational performance and stakeholder management. Ideal for employees seeking a comprehensive understanding of ERP systems and their strategic implications in modern business environments.

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#13. Operations Management – Erp Metrics 3 – Enterprise Resource Planning: Internal Priorities

The course “Operations Management – ERP Metrics 3” focuses on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), emphasizing internal priorities. It explores how ERP systems optimize resource use and enhance productivity across internal functions like Human Resources and Accounting. 

Learners engage with dynamic video lectures, audio narration, infographics, and quizzes to grasp ERP’s role beyond traditional transactional systems. Key topics include HR management functionalities such as time and attendance, talent management, and payroll within ERP frameworks. Ideal for employees seeking to understand ERP’s strategic integration into organizational operations and its impact on efficiency.

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#14. Operations Management – Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) And Metrics | All Modules

This comprehensive course introduces students to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and operational systems, emphasizing resource optimization and enhancement of productivity and efficiency within organizations. It covers business decision analytics, enterprise planning, analytic models, and operations management methods. The course includes modules on deterministic analysis and result scrutiny, aiming to equip students with strategies for operational improvement and their implications for stakeholders.

  • Duration: 400 minutes
  • Languages: English
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Bookmark: Yes
  • Audience: Employees

Learning Outcomes: Participants will develop a deep understanding of operations management concepts, resource planning, and application systems. They will learn to evaluate the role of ERP in enhancing operational efficiency across service and manufacturing sectors. The course also focuses on analyzing core business processes to drive organizational improvements.

This course is ideal for employees seeking to enhance their operations management skills and leverage ERP systems to optimize business processes effectively.

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Why Choose An Operations Management Course Online?

Online learning offers flexibility, accessibility, and various resources not found in traditional classrooms. Below are some reasons why you might want to enroll in an online operations management course:


Flexibility And Convenience

Online courses allow you to learn at your own pace and adjust your schedule accordingly. It is particularly useful for professionals who don’t want a break in their careers but still need additional skills.


Excellent Resources

A significant number of the best-known education institutions have professionals teaching most of the online operation management courses, which guarantees quality education. Moreover, many supplementary materials are often available on e-learning platforms.


Affordable Learning

Virtual classes are more economical than physical classes. There are no traveling expenses or other expenditures when one learns from home, thereby saving one time and money.


Benefits Of Operations Management Training

Pursuing a program in operation management training will greatly boost your career. How?


Increased Performance And Productivity

Training helps you simplify operations, eliminate waste and improve overall performance within your company.


Superior Decision Making

By clearly understanding concepts of operation management, you will be able to make appropriate decisions that positively influence the financial position of your company.


Job Growth

By undertaking operations management certification and training, higher-level job positions with increased earnings become possible. Employers prefer applicants willing to continuously learn as they develop themselves professionally.


FAQs On Operation Management Courses


Q. What Is An Operation Management Course?

An operation management course teaches the theories and applications used in managing business operations, including process analysis, quality control, and supply chain management.


Q. Why Should I Take Operation Management Courses?

Taking operation management courses equips you with the skills needed to enhance efficiency, productivity and decision-making within your organization, which will ultimately lead to better job opportunities.


Q. What Can I Expect From An Operations Management Course Online?

An operations management course online includes video lectures, assigned readings, practical exercises and assessments that can be completed at one’s own pace.


Q. Are There Any Prerequisites For The Best Certification Courses For Operations Management?

There are prerequisites for the best certification courses in operations management, depending on which ones you choose. Some may require previous experience in operations or a related field, while some are entirely made for beginners. 


Q. How Does Operation Management Training Benefit My Career?

Operation management training enriches your skill set, boosting your worthiness to your organization and, hence, increasing your prospects for promotion and bigger payslips.


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Bottom Line

Understanding operations management will be much more important in the dynamic business environment of 2024. Investing in an excellent online operations management course can give you the knowledge and expertise you need to succeed in this area.

Don’t pass up the chance to progress your career with the top operations management certification programs. Please contact Coggno, if you require help or further information.

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