Pairing Courseware Systems with Internet Penpals


Pairing Courseware Systems with Internet Penpals

Pairing Courseware Systems with Internet PenpalsDid you ever have a penpal when you were little? If you’re an educator using a courseware system or other internet-based learning tools, you might consider starting an internet-based penpal project for your students. Penpal relationships can be an incredible learning device for students of all ages.

In Europe, along with the use of courseware systems in the classroom, more and more students are involved in something called “eTwinning.” ETwinning is a project that was created to enhance students’ ICT skills and to encourage European schools to collaborate using ICT.

In the eTwinning system, a school is paired with another school from a different European country. The two “twin” schools communicate using email and video conferencing to share information and learn from each other. Pairing courseware system learning with international collaboration projects like eTwinning encourages the cross-cultural exchange of knowledge, improves students’ communication skills and fosters intercultural awareness.

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