Parents’ Say in Learning Content


Parents’ Say in Learning Content

Parents' Say in Learning ContentShould parents have a bigger say in policies that dictate learning content in schools? Two controversial topics in public schools are Creationism and Abstinence-Only sex education. While Creationism seems to have only made its way into a few schools, Abstinence-Only programs continue to sweep U.S. classrooms, causing many parents and students to voice their opinions on the learning content of the programs. 

Regardless of personal views, the outcome of these well-meaning programs looks grim. A study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that teens who took pledges of abstinence-until-marriage as part of a sex ed class ultimately had STD rates similar to other young people, and did not reduce teen pregnancy rates.  Ideally, sex education learning content provides students with all available options, including contraception and abstinence. 

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