Patience with Online Courseware Progress


Patience with Online Courseware Progress

Patience with Online Courseware ProgressAs George-Louis Buffon said, “Genius is nothing but a great aptitude for patience.” In your pursuit of online courseware mastery, be patient with yourself. When you’re tired, distracted, or stressed out, your brain repels information rather than absorbs it. In the same way, when you get angry with yourself for forgetting information, or feel frustrated or self-critical, you waste incredible amounts of brain energy that could be spent digesting online courseware material.

Each online courseware student makes mistakes along the way. The trick is to be honest with yourself and admit to your failures, mistakes and false starts. By identifying them for what they are, you can begin to see them as learning experiences, rather than an indication of some horrible truth about your learning capability. Remember: when you learn what doesn’t work for you, you find out what does.

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