10 Professions Which Require Excel Spreadsheet Skills


10 Professions Which Require Excel Spreadsheet Skills

Rochelle van Rensburg | Oct, 12 2020

10 Top Careers That Need Microsoft Excel Skills


Certified Excel skills improve the probability of promotions and lift earnings by 12% on average compared to the paychecks of non-certified users. Based on thousands of career postings, any of the positions need Excel.

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10 Careers that Require Excel Skills

Here is a list of careers that use spreadsheets and it might just include the perfect one for you:


1. Accountants and Auditors

These professionals use spreadsheets to build cash flows, balance sheets, statements of income, and tax returns. They look over financial statements and need to be highly structured to ensure accuracy and make sure companies remain profitable.

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2. Professors

Spreadsheets are particularly beneficial to College Professors in a university environment where they may have large numbers of students in multiple classes. They must keep track of contact details, the student’s major study field, student identification numbers, and hobbies. Professors may also use spreadsheets for conducting advanced research, depending on their area of expertise.

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3. Business Analysts

This line of work requires you to analyze and evaluate the business and record its processes and procedures, identifying areas and strategies to optimize your company’s value – all of which will help you make well-informed strategic decisions about your organization. This needs a lot of data to be monitored and analyzed.

Spreadsheets are one of the best analytical instruments for the study of companies. All your data can be stored in one location and kept organized. A powerful Excel function — the PowerPivot — has been developed to help market analysts generate smarter insights from large companies.

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4. Sales Managers

Sales managers need to have the data management expertise to be able to monitor and evaluate sales information. Sales and promotions include numbers and this is where the use of spreadsheets comes in. It is also the duty of sales managers to handle sales staff, sales data, and customer concerns – they use the information to help set priorities, assess project benefits, and discover new ideas to enhance the business.


5. Market Research Analysts and Digital Marketers

Skilled financial analysts rely on their expertise in collecting, analyzing, and manipulating field data to exploit both imagination and critical analysis. Spreadsheets are an important method for these employees to interpret and collate the information they obtain.


excel spreadhseet skills


6. Financial Analysts

Financial analysts will draw conclusions and recommendations based on financial data. Researching, consolidating, and evaluating numerical data is part of what they do to help businesses make educated decisions. They review the data to assess investment opportunities and write comprehensive information reports. Subsequently, they need experience analyzing data, market patterns, and investments in a variety of computer software programs, particularly spreadsheets.


7. Data Journalists

An Excel spreadsheet is often the point of departure for journalists with or without in-depth coding or high-level database skills. Data journalists today need to deal with massive quantities of data in order to incorporate accurate information into their reports. They use Excel as their key tool to evaluate data on the information they receive.

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8. Cost Estimators

Cost estimators also work with engineers and project managers to provide reliable estimates of the amount of money, time, and labor required by a particular project. They use spreadsheets for calculating estimates and organizing data.


9. Educators, Teaching Assistants, and Teachers

Educators and teachers need to be able to keep track of students, plan out the details of the lessons, and coordinate their classes. Excel’s support system makes these activities much simpler and many teachers use spreadsheets. Also, many teachers find Excel very useful in their research for graduates/postgraduates as well as in their coursework.


10. Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants are responsible for helping a company to operate smoothly through a variety of routine tasks. These may include minor bookkeeping, report preparation, arranging meetings, log coordination, record management, and support for employees, clients, and visitors. Administrative assistants need to have experience with Excel to prepare spreadsheets required in the office.



Spreadsheets are commonly used by different practitioners to enable them to make complicated calculations and mathematical calculations. More basic companies often use them to help improve productivity and save the time it would usually take for manual calculations.

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