Costco—Revolutionizing Safety Training: How Coggno Empowered Costco to Achieve Unprecedented Compliance and Safety Standards.

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Achieving 35% Increase in Compliance and 25% Reduction in Safety Incidents: How Coggno's Tailored Training Solutions Empowered Costco


Increase in regulatory compliance


Completion Rate


Reduction in Safety Incidents


Satisfaction rate


Saved in training costs

Problem Statement

Costco, a multinational corporation with over 250,000 employees across 800 stores worldwide, faced a significant challenge in delivering specific training around their Fuel Bays and Storage Tanks.

With each state having its own rules, ensuring uniformity and compliance became a puzzle, putting employee safety and adherence at stake.


To bridge this compliance gap, Costco teamed up with Coggno. This collaboration introduced a platform tailored to deliver precise, state-specific safety training for Fuel Bays and Storage Tanks.

With accessibility as a prime focus, the training was designed to be at employees' fingertips, available from any corner of the globe. This complete curriculum covered each state's safety regulations without missing a thing.


Coggno's online training marketplace, known for its intuitive interface and enriching content, became the vessel of knowledge transfer. Its flexibility made it easy to customize according to each state's specific needs. Using the platform was enjoyable, helping employees grasp essential safety concepts without hassle.


Participation and Completion Rates
An important measure was the count of employees who participated and successfully finished the training. These figures provided insights into how effective the training was and how well it connected with the employees.
Compliance Rates
The litmus test of our efforts rested in the number of stores and employees harmonizing with state-specific safety regulations post-training. This metric directly reflected the training's effectiveness in ensuring compliance.
Incident Reduction
A decrease in the number of safety incidents related to Fuel Bays and Storage Tanks post-training was a critical measure of the training's impact on improving safety practices.
Feedback and Satisfaction
Feedback from employees about the training content, delivery method, and overall satisfaction was also collected and analyzed. This feedback was used to make continuous improvements to the training program.

Results and Impact

Implementing the state-specific safety training program led to a 35% increase in regulatory compliance rates across all Costco stores. Employee participation and completion rates were high, with an 80% completion rate indicating that the training was easily accessible and engaging.

We also saw a 25% decrease in Fuel Bays and Storage Tanks-related safety incidents. Employees were highly positive, with a 90% satisfaction rate. Many found the online training convenient and comprehensive.


The Costco-Coggno partnership has proven to be a transformative solution for addressing state-specific safety training. By tailoring training to precise needs, the collaboration has significantly

. Improved compliance
. Reduced safety incidents
. Garnered high employee satisfaction rates.

This case study underscores the effectiveness of customized training in driving adherence, enhancing safety practices, and cultivating a culture of ongoing advancement.
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