Coggno and Subway - Revolutionizing Food Safety Training

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Achieving 80% increase in compliance with food safety regulations: How Coggno’s Tailored Training Solutions Empowered Subway


increase in operational efficiency


decrease in training costs


increase in training completion rate


Satisfaction rate


decrease in food safety incidents

Problem Statement

Subway, a global fast-food franchise, faced a significant challenge in delivering food safety training to its many temporary and part-time employees who needed corporate email addresses or workstations to log in from. Traditional training methods could have been more efficient and could not keep up with the dynamic needs of the fast-paced food industry.

It resulted in potential risks to food safety and quality, impacting the brand's reputation and customer satisfaction.


Subway turned to Coggno's Virtual Training Kiosk technology to address this challenge. Subway could purchase the required Food Safety Training and enable employees to access it through one of management's laptops on their own branded website created for them by Coggno. Each employee could access the curriculum, complete the course, take the test, and receive a certificate of completion.

Subway Management could purchase as many licenses to the course as needed when needed and continue to load licenses to the courses they needed through their Branded Training Kiosk.


The training was delivered through Coggno's online platform, known for its user-friendly interface and high-quality content. The platform's flexibility allowed for the customization of training content to meet the specific requirements of each state.


Increase in Compliance
There was an 80% increase in compliance with food safety regulations, as employees could access necessary training conveniently.
Decrease in Training Costs
Using Coggno's technology resulted in a 60% decrease in training costs, as Subway could purchase only the required licenses.
Increase in Training Completion Rate
With the convenience of the Virtual Training Kiosk, Subway saw a 75% increase in training completion rate.
Increase in User Satisfaction
Subway employees reported a 90% satisfaction rate with the Coggno system, citing its ease of use and accessibility.
Decrease in Food Safety Incidents
By providing practical food safety training, Subway saw a 50% decrease in food safety incidents, improving customer satisfaction.
Increase in Operational Efficiency
With improved food safety compliance and decreased incidents, Subway saw a 30% increase in operational efficiency.

Results and Impact

The implementation of Coggno’s Virtual Training Kiosk technology had a profound impact on Subway’s operations. Coggno provided effective and accessible food safety training to a diverse and geographically dispersed workforce. It led to a significant increase in compliance with food safety regulations. It also improved Subway’s operational efficiency and decreased food safety incidents.

The flexibility of the Coggno system allowed Subway to purchase only the number of licenses they needed. It resulted in a 60% decrease in training costs. It, coupled with the 30% increase in operational efficiency, positively affected Subway’s bottom line.


The partnership between Coggno and UL has successfully addressed a global need for comprehensive, accessible, and high-quality safety and compliance training.

The impressive improvements in key metrics underscore the effectiveness of their solution in enhancing workplace safety, increasing compliance, and boosting user satisfaction. They are poised to have a bigger impact on global sectors as they broaden their course offerings and audience.
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