Coggno and Safeway - Streamlining Safety Training Across Geographical Boundaries

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Skyrocketing Compliance and Slashing Costs: Coggno's Customized Training Solutions Drive an 80% Compliance increase


increase in compliance with safety regulations


decrease in training costs


increase in training completion rate


satisfaction rate


decrease in safety incidents

Problem Statement

Safeway, a major grocery chain with gas facilities in many states, faced a significant challenge in training large quantities of temporary, hourly, and contingent staff across a large geographical area.

The training was crucial to ensure compliance with state and federal safety regulations regarding the underground storage tanks at their facilities. The challenge was compounded by the fact that these employees needed to be provided with corporate email and credentials, making traditional online training methods unfeasible.


In response, Safeway turned to Coggno's Virtual Training Kiosk technology as a comprehensive solution. Safeway procured the requisite Underground Storage Tank training modules and provided employees access through a customized website created by Coggno, tailored to Safeway's branding.

Each employee could readily access the curriculum, complete the course, take assessments, and obtain certificates of completion. This innovative approach allowed Safeway management to procure and allocate course licenses as needed.


Safeway seamlessly integrated Coggno's Virtual Training Kiosk into its training strategy, effectively reaching a widely dispersed workforce without corporate email access. The personalized website facilitated access to the Underground Storage Tank training via management's laptops, ensuring strict safety regulations and compliance. Employees completed the training, underwent assessments, and received certificates of completion.

Safeway's ability to efficiently manage licenses through its Branded Training Kiosk further streamlined training efforts across geographical boundaries.


Increase in Compliance
Safeway witnessed an impressive 80% surge in compliance with safety regulations, primarily due to the convenient accessibility of essential training materials.
Decrease in Training Costs
Adopting Coggno's technology resulted in a substantial 60% reduction in training costs, enabling Safeway to purchase licenses according to their specific requirements.
Increase in Training Completion Rate
The introduction of the Virtual Training Kiosk led to a noteworthy 75% increase in the training completion rate.
Increase in User Satisfaction
Safeway employees reported an outstanding 90% satisfaction rate with the Coggno system, lauding its intuitive interface and accessibility.

Result and Impact

Safeway realized substantial benefits from this initiative. It included a 50% reduction in safety incidents related to underground storage tanks. They also experienced a notable 30% improvement in operational efficiency.

The surge in compliance with safety regulations by an impressive 80% was primarily facilitated by the employees’ seamless access to essential training materials. Furthermore, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from Safeway employees, with a satisfaction rate of 90%, underscores the user-friendly and accessible nature of the Coggno system.


Coggno's Virtual Training Kiosk technology has proven to be an effective solution for Safeway's geographically dispersed and diverse workforce training needs. The significant improvements in compliance, training costs, training completion rate, user satisfaction, safety, and operational efficiency demonstrate the power of Coggno's solution in transforming corporate training.

The Safeway case exemplifies Coggno's proficiency in delivering flexible, convenient, and practical training solutions for complex and large-scale operations.
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