Providing Support with Learning Management Systems


Providing Support with Learning Management Systems

Providing Support with Learning Management SystemsWhy should teachers start integrating Web 2.0 technologies into their courses? Many educators have ruffled feathers and legitimate concerns about “E-learning 2.0.” Why integrate Web 2.0 when your learning management system is working just fine?

First of all, the web is full of distractions. Although many want to believe that students are naturally eager, self-motivated learners, young people do need to be motivated, pushed, pulled, and sometimes even forced to put forth the effort that will help them learn and build self-confidence. Though social software offers some special benefits, the prospect of Web 2.0 technologies outdoing learning management systems is dubious. And while Web 2.0 integration into learning systems presupposes young people’s willingness to learn and collaborate, learning management systems encourage self-motivation while providing the structure and support that young students need.

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