Re-Examining Self-Discipline in Our Learning Systems, Pt. 4


Re-Examining Self-Discipline in Our Learning Systems, Pt. 4

Published materials and discussions on the subject often assert that the promotion of self-discipline is an important goal for learning systems, ignoring research that suggests the issue isn’t so black and white.

Kohn writes, “Self-discipline can be less a sign of health than of vulnerability. It may reflect a fear of being overwhelmed by external forces, or by one’s own desires, that must be suppressed through continual effort. If effect, such individuals suffer from a fear of being out of control.”

Self-secure and healthy people are often not the most self-disciplined; they can be playful, flexible, and unafraid of new experiences and self-discovery. They may feel satisfied with processes rather than focusing on the end product. An extremely self-disciplined student, on the other hand, may see completing LMS homework or reading as purely a means to the end of a high test score or grade.

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