Reducing Harmful Learning Content for Children


Reducing Harmful Learning Content for Children

Reducing Harmful Learning Content for ChildrenWhat can we do to offset the learning content children are being exposed to through TV advertising? The bombardment is truly overwhelming. Parents alone can’t tackle the problem. But they can help. Sit down with your kids and talk to them about what they’re seeing on TV and the internet. (This goes not only for the learning content contained in ads, but what they’re viewing in general.) Talk to your child about ads, their different forms, and their subtle messages and goals. Create a healthy awareness.

But parents can’t go it alone. Support from schools, social programs, and laws to regulate corporate advertising to children is essential.

Of course, children should be encouraged to cut down on their media consumption, to be more active, read more books. Cutting down not only means avoiding manipulative commercial learning content, but developing active and strong bodies and minds.

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