Rising Women in Computer Skills Learning Systems


Rising Women in Computer Skills Learning Systems

Rising Women in Computer Skills Learning SystemsThe saying goes: “Educating a man is educating an individual. Educating a woman is educating a family.” Social projects offering computer skills learning systems to disadvantaged women foster the empowerment of impoverished people worldwide. One such organization is Project Rising Women, an Argentine nonprofit that works with a women’s shelter on the edge of the largest ghetto in Buenos Aires, providing a computer technology center and ICT learning system to the women in the shelter.

The project provides the women–often teenage, lower-class, under-educated, abused and/or homeless single mothers–with valuable computer skills that help them gain employment and provide resources to plan a life outside the shelter. The shelter’s learning system volunteers are computer skills teachers from high schools and universities. Additionally, Project Rising Women trains and employs other structurally impoverished women from the ghetto as caretakers in the shelter’s child care center.


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